Free Early Literacy Resources at Poudre River Public Libraries
We all recognize that a child’s home is their first classroom, and their parents and caregivers are their first teachers. To aid families’ efforts in…
Every Day Brain Building
Brain and emotional development are happening all the time for our growing children, but as parents and caregivers, we can do very simple things to…
Setting Limits is an Organic, Ongoing Process
Have you ever told a child to stop doing something and then immediately wondered, “Wait, why can’t he do that?” I call this knee-jerk parenting.…


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    Parent Cafe - Spanish Cafe

    The Parent Cafe program supports and educations parents and caregivers, utilizing the Strengthening Families Protective Factors that give parents the skills and resources they need to parent effectively, even under stress.

    • Resilience
    • Relationships
    • Knowledge
    • Support
    • Communication

    All Parent Cafe meetings are free to attend.  Meals and children activities are also provided.