Questions about your child’s development?

Children develop skills at different times.  Learn more about the typical age ranges for learning new skills by checking out these pages for information and links to additional websites.




Milestone Moments

Feeling concerned?

Children develop differently.  One out of five kids benefit from additional supports.

Make sure your child is getting screened regularly by your doctor.

You know your child best.  Trust your instincts.  You do not need to wait to share your concerns with your child’s doctor, childcare provider or teacher, or home visitation provider. Research shows that getting support early will help your child be ready for school.

Don’t know where to turn?

Start with your child’s doctor, child care provider, teacher or home visitation provider.  If you still have concerns, there are additional supports available for you locally.  If an evaluation indicates your child needs additional supports, these service are free of charge.

For children UNDER three years of age: Early Intervention Colorado at Foothills Gateway (Larimer County)  (970) 226-2345.

  • Children referred will receive an evaluation, and be connected to the needed support services
  • Services are provided in the family’s home
  • Services are at no cost to families regardless of their insurance status

Children ages three to five: Screening and Evaluation in the child’s school district

An evaluation will determine if a child qualifies for:

  • Preschool through the school district at no cost to the family
  • Speech / language services, physical therapy, etc.

Do you have questions about the therapies your child is receiving?  

Click here to learn more about different types of therapies.