School readiness is more than the ABC’s and it begins at birth.


School Readiness means being healthy, getting along with others, and being ready to learn.  What can parents, grandparents, older siblings, friends and others do to help children from birth to five be ready?

Fill children’s lives with the things they’ll need to succeed in school.  Explore this website to find fun activities and learn more about children’s development.


The Be Ready Campaign

The BE READY Campaign for school readiness is the result of a partnership among Larimer County schools and community organizations. The intent of the campaign is that all of Larimer County….parents, the medical community, employers, childcare providers, libraries, school districts, grocery stores, community and government agencies, faith communities, service organizations…will share in this responsibility to make certain all the children in Larimer County will be ready to be successful when they start school.



“We can see, if we care to look, that the way we treat children… all of them, not just our own, and especially those in great need… defines the shape of the world we’ll wake up in tomorrow. The most remarkable feature of human culture is its capacity to reach beyond the self and encompass the collective good.”

~Barbara Kingsolver, “Somebody’s Baby,” High Tide in Tucson