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Preschoolers might count, group, and sort objects by size, shape, and color. For more information on infant developmental milestones, click here

Preschooler: Language & Learning


Take time to respond to your child’s questions. If you don’t know the answer, find it together using books, the internet, or other resources.
Continue to read to your child every day! See if your child can guess what will happen next in the story!
Reading can be part of your daily routine. Check out new books from the library frequently to keep your child’s interest and to explore new and different things.


Explore signs around town. What letters and pictures are on them? See if your child can find the letters of his name.
Explore rhythms and song. Create a consistent rhythm or song to the letters in your child’s name to help him remember how it is spelled.
Explore the letters of the alphabet! If you are exploring the letter S, get out a bag and fill it with items that start with the letter S (socks, spoons, soap…).
Explore the letters of your child’s name. Have her trace the letters of her name with her finger as she spells it.


Ask your child questions during your grocery shopping trips. “Why do you think apples are a healthy food?” Kids come up with great conversations around this!
Ask your child to tell you a story. Start by telling a story together until your child gets the hang of it.
Ask your child their opinion about everyday things. “What do you like about that car?”
Ask open ended questions, such as, “What if….?”


Discover the fun of family meals! Have your child help prepare the food and set the table. Turn off the TV and enjoy talking.
Discover how much your child already knows! Ask him questions:
  • How many wheels does a bicycle have?
  • Where does milk come from?
  • What color is grass?
  • If I have two carrots and you have two carrots, how many carrots do we have together?
Discover your child’s interests. If your child is interested in dinosaurs, count dinosaurs. If she is interested in airplanes, read airplane books.


Play “What happens next?” When your child is getting dressed, ask silly questions. “So now you put your shoes on and then your socks, right?”
Play “I spy!” - “I spy, with my little eye, something green! Can you guess what it is?”
Play 20 questions. This game will help to build your child’s vocabulary, logic, and recall skills.