Preschoolers might be able to walk, run, hop, gallop or balance on one leg. For more information on infant developmental milestones, click here

Preschooler: Health & Activity


Read about safety outdoors. Talk about traffic, street signs, and safety around strangers.
Read about “touching safety rules” to get ideas about how to talk with your preschooler about safe and unsafe touching.
Read about what your preschooler is learning to do. Visit the library, your doctor’s office, or


Talk to your child about how some foods are anytime foods because they are healthy and help you grow, but other foods are sometimes foods because they have lots of sugar or fat.
Explore how you and your child feel after being active. Are you warmer or colder? Are you breathing faster or slower?
Explore outside by going on a pajama walk after dinner and bath time. Be as quiet as possible and listen to the different sounds you hear.
Explore healthy foods together!Let your child see you enjoying fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. At dinner introduce a new food and have everyone taste and talk about it.


Ask your child to help you find items when you go shopping. Count and describe colors. Cut out pictures of food to find in the store.
On a rainy day, invite your child to dance his wiggles out with you. Put on lively music and wave a scarf to get arms moving too.
Ask your child to wash her hands when she comes home, before eating, and after using the bathroom.


Discover alternatives to TV shows and computer games. For tips, check out how to reduce screen time.
Discover how to make the most of your child’s doctor visits. Prepare a list of questions in advance.
  • If she needs help, say, “Let’s try together.”
  • Allow more time so that she can do it herself.
  • Resist the urge to correct what she has done. Wearing her shirt backwards for a day won’t hurt.
Let your child discover the things she can do for herself, such as getting dressed.


Encourage your child to use his imagination. Pretend together to be animal doctors, teachers, superheroes, or lions.
Teach your child about playground safety. Make sure she knows how to safely walk around the swings.