Infants may imitate a familiar gesture, such as clapping hands together after seeing someone else do it. For more information on infant developmental milestones, click here

Prenatal-Infant: Health & Activity


Read about how second hand smoke affects babies.  Limit exposure to smoke in the house, in cars and other places.
Read and learn about what is typical for your child’s development. Good places to learn more include the library, your doctor’s office, born learning or zero to three.
Read and learn about healthy food as your baby grows
Read and learn about how to keep yourself and your baby healthy while pregnant.
  • Talk to your doctor about prenatal vitamins and diet.
  • Don’t smoke.


Explore your home and identify possible child hazards:
  • Install latches on cabinets.
  • Put covers over the electric outlets.
  • Place gates at the top of stairs.
  • Lock up medicines and cleaning products (and store them up high).
Check for choking hazards. Babies explore everything with their mouths. Anything that fits inside a toilet paper tube is too small.
Keep the poison control number near your phone. 1-800-222-1222. If you need it, you will need it very quickly.
Explore the world with your child.
  • Move toys slowly in front of your baby to see how she tracks it with her eyes.
  • When you go into a different room or place, talk about what you are seeing.


Ask your doctor how to take care of yourself when you are pregnant. Regular prenatal appointments help both you and your baby stay healthy.
Ask your child’s doctor about immunizations and well baby checks to help make sure your baby is growing up healthy. For example, ask your doctor about how and when to use sunscreen on your baby.
Ask your child’s doctor about the benefits of breast feeding and how to get started. Find out when to start foods other than breast milk or formula.
Find a doctor for your baby before she is born. Ask questions. Find a doctor


Discover and learn about how to keep your baby safe while she sleeps. Always put your baby on her back to sleep.
Discover how to keep your baby’s teeth strong and healthy. Visit your baby’s dentist when her baby’s teeth start coming in.
Discover how to keep germs from making your baby sick:
  • Wash your baby’s hands and your hands after every diaper change and after you have been in public places.
  • Use sanitizer wipes on the grocery cart.
Discover what you need when you come home from the hospital. For example, do you have a car seat? Learn how to use a car seat correctly (car seat safety information).
Discover water with your baby!
  • When you bathe your baby, talk about the water and how it moves.
  • Never leave your baby alone in the water for even a minute.
Let your baby grasp your finger and discover how sweet that feels – and how strongly he holds on!


Lie on the floor next to your baby and watch what he looks at or reaches for. Talk about what he is doing or seeing.
Find fun ways to stay fit before your baby arrives: take walks, do yoga or other exercises.
Enjoy the outdoors – walk and talk with your baby about what you are seeing (trees, children playing, etc.)
Let your baby have some time to move on her own. Watch her learn to roll and crawl when she is on the ground.
Hand a lightweight or soft toy to your baby and watch for when he is ready to grasp it.