Make reading a family event.  Everyone has something to read or look at.

Read a book to your child every day…even as a baby, they look at the pictures and listen to the words as you read.

Don’t read the words, just talk with your child about the pictures.  Describe what you see in the pictures.

As you read, look for colors and count objects.

Children learn from example, while they’re playing, turn off the TV and pick up something to read.

Reading doesn’t have to come from a book, it can be a magazine, newspaper, cereal box, comic book, catalog, or advertisements.



Explore your home.  Go on a scavenger hunt and find all the different objects that are red.  Repeat the hunt with other colors.

Explore the grocery store.  As you walk down the isles shopping, ask your child to point out the foods that are healthy.  Or explain to your child why you’re buying the food and what you’re going to make with it.

Explore the outdoors and the wonders of nature.  Take time during a busy week to walk to the end of the block and back.  While on your walk, look for big and small objects. 



Ask open ended questions… ones that can’t be answered with a yes, no or fine.

What was your favorite part of today?
Who did you play with today?
What did you eat today?
Tell me about the red things you saw today.

Ask your child about the people who keep them safe…firefighters, teachers, police and doctors.

Ask your child how they are feeling, and talk about what makes people feel sad, happy, angry or scared.

Teach your child to ask for help when needed.

Give your child control over some parts of their day. Ask your child…

What they’d like to wear today.
What fruit they’d like to have for snack.
Which direction to go on a walk around your neighborhood.



How to make new friends…talk to your child about sharing and taking turns.

How to follow simple directions.  Ask your child to complete small one and two step tasks throughout the day.

Discover the fun of learning…get excited about new things… learn one new fact, skill, or task everyday.

Discover the places and activities in your community.

Where is the closest park to your house?
Where is the library?
Where can you find milk without going to the grocery store?

Discover how to be healthy…be active and visit the doctor and dentist regularly.



Encourage your child to use their imagination as they actively play outside.

Play with puzzles, colors, paints and other activities that help develop small muscles.

Develop big muscles by playing with bean bags and using bigger balls to throw and catch.

Make and listen to music. Have a dance party in the living room.

Play pretend and use your kitchen as a grocery store.

Switch roles; have your child pretend to be the parent and you play the child.